So, you’ve discovered color contacts, and like us you can’t get enough of them. However, you might be thinking do these things expire? Makeup has a use-by date and so does food, but do colored contacts? Well, don’t fret if you’re sitting worrying about how long your colored contacts last we’ve got you. We’re here to give you the low down on how long your colored contacts last and how long you should be wearing them.

How Long Do Colored Contacts Last

Colored contacts have different lengths depending on which types you get. This all depends on what you need your lenses for. You can choose from daily, monthly, 3-monthly and even yearly. Let’s delve into the dailies first…

Colored Contact Lenses Replacement Cycle Options

Let's discuss the difference between daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly disposable!

Daily Colored Contact Lenses or One-Day Use Colored Contacts

These contacts do exactly what they say on the tin. They can be worn daily and must be disposed of after use. You’ll find that these contacts are thinner and have a high-water content. They collect the natural deposits that your eyes build up throughout the day making them single-use only.

Daily colored contact lenses are perfect if you want to stun your friends with a shock iris color change. You can switch up your color contacts every day and keep everyone guessing which color you’ll be next. They are also great if you simply don’t have time to introduce a daily lens care routine, we get it, life’s busy not everyone has time to clean their eyes! Having dailies also means you don’t have the risk of daily deposit build-up accumulating and damaging your eyes.

This does mean that if you have a prescription and rely on your color lenses, you must make sure you have enough for a pair a day, this can mean that you’re buying colored lenses quite often, woo hoo an excuse for shopping, who doesn’t love that?

Another thing to mention is that if you’re all for being a sustainable queen, you might be thinking about how much you are throwing. If so, daily disposable lenses might not be on top of your list. You can however recycle some lenses using TerraCycle.

If you’re super keen to try out colored contacts, there are many to choose from. The Aquarella Cyan Blue lenses come in a pack of 10 and are a dazzling blue color. Or if you fancy something a bit darker, the Aquarella Golden Ochre lenses will transform your iris into the depths of a golden bronze dream.

Monthly Colored Contact Lenses

Okay, so the hassle of daily lenses just isn’t for you. Thankfully at Solotica, we have you covered. Our monthly colored contact lenses give you a chance to reuse your beloved colors for up to 4 weeks. The monthly lenses are typically thicker than the dailies so they can last longer and don’t tear. You do have to make sure you clean them after every use to avoid wrecking your eyes. You can do this with a color contact disinfecting solution, and gently rubbing your finger back and forth to clean the lens surface. Don’t forget to make sure your hands are completely squeaky clean before you do this! Then store your lenses in a clean color contact lens case!

Monthlies are great for those of you who may not have the time to replenish your stock of colored lenses every day and may not have the space. They are beneficial if you have a little gap in your self-care routine to give them a good old clean too.

Our monthly lenses come in a pack of two (one for each eye of course). You can choose from a subtle natural color or push the boat out with our colored lenses with limbal rings from the Solflex Natural Colors collection.

Quarterly Colored Contact Lenses

These colored contacts are even more durable than the monthlies. Because sometimes the months can just fly by, so changing them every 3 months instead of 1 month can be great. Every quarter of the year you can stock up on some of your favorite colors. The surface of these 3-monthly colored contact lenses are especially smooth to ward off all the nasties the day throws at your eyes. They are again thicker than the dailies to make them last longer.

You do still need to make sure you are incorporating that squeaky clean contact lens wash every time you use them and store them in a super clean colored contact lens case too.

Some of our beautiful 3-monthly lenses come in a naturally magnificent green, like our Aquarella Cambuci Green lenses.

Yearly Colored Contact Lenses or Twelve-Month Colored Contacts

We hear you, you simply cannot get enough of these colored contacts and you want to wear them all day every day for as long as possible. How’s a year’s use for you? Yep, at Solotica our colored contacts can come with up to a year’s usage, they simply won’t disappoint you.

Our yearly lenses have been loved by many well-known names, not that we’re going to name drop… Okay fine you persuaded us, Kylie Jenner has been loving our Hidrocor Grafite colored contacts, and we have too! Tempted yet?

Now you know when you can wear your colored contacts, which ones are you going to choose? We love seeing your iris transformation journeys so don’t forget to tag us in your new lenses @solotica on Instagram. Happy Shopping!