Cosy season is here, and that means the holidays are just around the corner. We all have that special lady in our lives that deserves to be treated well. Whether that’s a lifelong bestie, a sister you wish to treat, a special someone in your life that needs to be spoilt with stunning gifts, or a Mother that deserves the word. The rise of online shopping and everything becoming more available day to day means that it’s getting harder and harder to find something new to gift that special lady in your life. If you’re struggling with gift ideas look no further, for we have curated a list of the best holiday gifts for her.

2022 Holiday Beauty Gift Ideas for Her

2022 Holiday Gift Ideas for Her - Beauty Edition

Let's go through some of the best products to give this holiday season that will draw a festive smile on her face.

Holiday Gift Idea #1 - Clarins Double Serum

2022 Holiday Gift - Skincare Serum by Clarins

Skincare is a fantastic thing to add to your daily routine to make sure you are spending time on yourself and looking after your body. Many women love to try out new products and find new favorites, there’s nothing that makes you feel more beautiful than fresh, clear flawless skin. Clarins is a luxury French brand loved across Europe. The Clarins Double Serum is created with plant extracts and uses specially curated formulas to hydrate, regenerate and protect your skin. It helps to smooth skin and diminish visible pores. Your special someone’s skin will feel truly nourished with this product. With gift sets available Clarins is a fantastic option for a holiday gift.

Holiday Gift Idea #2 - Natural Colored Contacts

2022 Holiday Gift - Colored Contacts From Solotica

If you’re looking for something a little more unusual, Solotica colored contact lenses can be a unique option. She might be a lover of colored contacts or even need prescription contacts so this would be a super practical gift of something she needs.

However, if your lovely lady hasn’t had contacts before this could be something different for her to try. Our lenses come in many different colors, whether she’s naturally brown-eyed and fancy a change our blue colored contacts would be a great way to mix it up, or if she has green eyes and you want to enhance the natural look our green contact lenses will be a perfect fit. If she is into makeup and creating different makeup looks our gray contact lenses are a wonderful contrast to most natural colors creating that extra level of detail to any makeup look. For something, a little deeper in color our brown contact lenses are a stunning way to darken your eyes.

The great thing about our colored contacts is that they can be used by everyone, if she has a prescription (as long as you know the strength she needs), she can still wear colors. There are even Toric lenses for people with astigmatism so there are options for everyone.

Holiday Gift Idea #3 - Dyson Hair Dryer

2022 Holiday Gift - Dyson Hairdryer

The Dyson Air dryer is such an innovative option for a gift. With endless hair types, hair care can sometimes be a real struggle for a woman, whether she has curly hair and is struggling to tame the frizz, or if she has dead straight hair and wishes for a bit more volume. The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer comes with so many different accessories and options for so many hairstyles beyond the standard blow dry. The Dyson is a genius main present idea, something that most women have on their wish list but never quite go far enough to buy for themselves. The Dyson Supersonic comes in a range of different colors making it that little bit more personal, as well as a gorgeous protection box to store the dryer and all the accessories in. This is also a great idea for future gifts with many different accessory launches you can buy for the original present further down the line.

Holiday Gift Idea #4 - Beauty Fridge by StylPro

2022 Holiday Gift - Beauty Fridge by StylPro

Why not try something completely quirky and very 2022? A beauty fridge, nope not for food, this fridge is designed as a place to store your makeup and skincare products. There’s nothing worse than having a heatwave and ending up with melted lipsticks or separated foundations.

Some people may not realize that beauty products do actually expire just like food. As something that’s going on your skin and essentially into your body, it’s really good practice to make sure all your products are in date fresh. You can check the product’s expiry time by looking out for the little symbol on the packaging that looks like an open product jar and has a number next to it and the letter m. This means that the product lasts that amount of months since it was open for example if its 24m then the product is okay for 2 years after opening. However, some products go off before then, that’s where this beauty fridge comes in, an easy way to store your beauty products and keep them cool and fresh!

The Beauty Fridge by StylPro comes in a silver color and white and rose gold. It’s a compact mini size, perfect for her makeup room on her dressing table. This mini fridge has two shelves and a door compartment, room for all her favorite skincare tubs and tubes. There’s nothing better than a highly organized makeup room or dressing table and this fridge is the way to have the ultimate organized makeup collection.

Holiday Gift Idea #5 - Sleep Cheat Liner Duo by Charlotte Tilbury

2022 Holiday Gift - Sleep Cheat Liner by Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury is the queen of makeup, with award-winning trending products and luxury makeup most women have either tried or dreamed of trying a Charlotte Tilbury product. If she is into makeup, then she will love this new Sleep Cheat Liner Duo.

A navy-blue liner one end and a peachy nude on the other. This product is the perfect two-in-one. For a bright and wide-awake eye there’s no need for beauty sleep with this product, ideal if she’s got a busy routine and schedule! Although a luxury product this liner is priced reasonably, either purchase it on its own or try it out with other products in the wider brighter eyes kit for that ultra-special gift.

There are even options for luxury gift wrapping at check out, so there’s no need to stress about having to wrap her gifts. As well as this, you can choose 2 free samples at check out, so she can test and try out more products that you could always get for a future gift!

Holiday Gift Idea #6 - Plumping Lip Balm by Huda Beauty

2022 Holiday Gift - Plumping Lip Balm by Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty is a highly popular makeup brand, used worldwide by celebs, influencers, and pretty much everyone on TikTok. A trending product is the plumping lip balm. If she is slightly insecure about her lips or just wishes to plump them up, this Spicy Thermos Lip Balm is a great way to maximize your lip volume without having to have any cosmetic procedures.

Made with vegan-friendly products and infused with Sichuan pepper extracts this plumping lip balm leaves your lips instantly hydrated and incredibly juicy. This lip balm is non-sticky, which is a huge bonus, plus a unique sweet chili scent. This lip balm is like nothing else on the market. She will be amazed at how this lip balm works.

Huda also offers free samples with every order which is a great way for her to test out more products and have ideas for future gifts.

Holiday Gift Idea #7 - Compact Facial Cleansing Brush by FOREO

2022 Holiday Gift - Compact Facial Cleansing Brush by FOREO

The best way to feel good and take care of your skin is a great end-of-day routine. The FOREO is a fantastic little gadget that will become her best friend in her skin routine. This wonderfully engineered device deeply cleanses and massages your skin leaving it feeling fresh. The LUNA mini is a bacteria-resistant silicone model that can remove up to 99.5% of dirt from your face.

There are 12 intensities of sonic massage that she can adjust depending on what you’re trying to remove, whether it just be day-to-day oils and dirt or a full face of makeup. The FOREO is a super little gift and comes well presented in its storage bag. It’s super easy to use, with a portable USB charger ideal for home use or to take traveling with her. It can also be paired with FOREOs very own cleanser that is designed with vitamins to leave her face feeling radiant and healthy!

From this beautiful collection of holiday gift ideas, you should have enough inspiration to leave you feeling prepped and ready for the holiday season. From beauty products to nifty gadgets your lovely lady will be super impressed with her gifts this year. They will leave her feeling loved, cleansed, and completely pampered, all thanks to you!