With only 2% of the population having green eyes, they are considered the rarest eye color in the world. This makes green one of the most popular colored contact lens shades, especially for dark brown eyes. Colored contacts are the perfect way to alter your original eye color and with Solotica lenses this can become a reality. We have outlined Our Guide to The Best 2022 Makeup Style for Green Eyes and green colored contacts to ensure your eyes sparkle brightly, whatever the occasion.

Best Eye Makeup Guide For Green Eyes

5 Makeup Styles To Highlight Your Green Eyes

Let's tackle these eye makeup styles one by one!

Style 1: Golden Shadow

Green Eyes Makeup Trend 1 - Golden Eyeshadow

Green and gold are a match made in heaven, right? For inspiration, always go for gold eyeshadow to accompany any green tone. Green eyes most commonly contain brown, blue, and yellow flecks, and yellow and green are beside each other on the color wheel. Using a glitzy gold upon the lid allows the harmonious shade to accentuate the green iris while allowing the eyes to gleam. We suggest pairing this gorgeous display with Hidrocor Jade, a beautifully rich green lens inspired by the precious stone (our best-selling colored contacts).

Style 2: Purple Smoky Eye

Green Eyes Makeup Trend 2 - Purple Smoky Eyes

If you are looking for an evening look to partner green eyes, then a purple smoky eye is the one! Summer parties are looming, and we suggest throwing out the grey and black and replacing them with purple eyeshadow. Green and purple go together in perfect harmony! For makeup beginners, we would personally use Rimmel London’s Magnif’eyes Eyeshadow Palette in Eclectic Violet: brush a deep purple eyeshadow across the bottom half of your eyelid first and then blend in a lighter shade over the crease. Try Aquarella Samba Green, a beautiful soft green with hints of blue and yellow in a quarterly disposable lens. Aquarella quarterly lenses are a great choice for people who are new to colored contacts and like to try new styles and colors to transform their look in an instant.

Style 3: Bold Red Lip

Green Eyes Makeup Trend 3 - Bold Red Lip

A bold lip can compel any woman to feel empowered and fierce and is it rapidly acquiring the top popularity spot, sorry smoky eye. With today’s busy lifestyle, there is a lack of time to spend hours in front of a mirror, and lipstick is the perfect alternative to save time and feel sexy. Red and green are opposite on the color wheel which makes them a classic combo, ensuring both the eyes and lips pop! If a strong red is not to your liking, opt for reds with orange and brown hues-earthy tones to compliment the green. We recommend Hidrocor Mel, a honey green lens with hints of amber-perfect huh?

Style 4: Beachy Vibes

Green Eyes Makeup Trend 4 - Beachy Vibes

The Summer sun should soon be looming in the sky, we promise. Beach season is here, and we have a fantastic summery style to heighten the green in your eyes. Inspired by the salty sea and sun-bleached sand of our dreamy getaways, across the lid, apply a sandy beige or peach eyeshadow, and for under the eye, a teal or blue eyeliner (or eyeshadow if you prefer). Charlotte Tilbury’s Eye Color Magic Liner Duo in Super Blue is our favorite. Pair this with natural beach waves, a killer summer outfit, and you have a winner. Our Hidrocor Rio Ipanema lens is the perfect companion for this makeup look, a medium blue and green contact that illustrates the beauty of the sea.

Style 5: Warm Glow

Green Eyes Makeup Trend 5 - Warm Glow

With the sticky atmosphere of the season and people feeling more confident in their bare skin, natural beauty is all the rage. If you are scared to bare all and go out with a naked face, a subtle glow is the one for you. To accompany green eyes, go for a light foundation, a warm-toned bronzer and highlighter, a peachy or rosy blush, and neutral lip gloss. These tones will warm up your skin tone whilst ensuring that you haven’t made too much of an effort. The ‘I woke up like this’ look. To pair with the natural finish, try Hidrocor Rio Buzios: a warm forest green lens with without limbal ring to boost natural depth and admiration.

Makeup For Green Eyes Overview

2022 brings forward many wonderful makeup looks and the above are our top picks on the perfect makeup styles for green eyes. Whether you naturally have green eyes and are looking for inspo or are yearning to alter your eye’s appearance with contacts, there are soo many different styles and contacts you can try to suit your requirements.

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