There are plenty of reasons why you may be wearing our colored contact lenses, whether they are your prescription or just cosmetically, there’s one thing everyone needs from their colored eye contacts and that’s comfort. If crying in the club is not the look you’re going for then this blog is for you, our guide for you to get the maximum comfort from your colored eye contacts.

Most Comfortable Colored Contacts

Finding The Right Colored Contact Lenses For Maximum Comfort

What’s the difference between colored contacts and normal contacts?

Colored contacts and regular lenses are very similar, the only major difference is the color. So, in terms of how they feel they are the same. With our stunning line up of collections to choose from, there are various replacement cycles ranging from daily to yearly so you can find the right lens type for your eye’s ultimate comfort. Why stick to being just regular when you can transform your look with new eye color?

Difference between clear and colored contacts

How to get the most comfortable colored contact lenses?

Here at Solotica, all our colored contact lenses are made with the latest contact lens technology, when you are buying your colored eye contacts if you have a prescription you can specify your specific eye requirements to ensure crystal clear vision with your stunning new eye color. If you have astigmatism, make sure you choose our toric contact lenses that are specifically for astigmatism where you can customize your contact lens prescription such as the base curve, prescription power, lens cylinder and axis. If you don’t have a contact lens prescription, then make sure you’re choosing our non-pescription or cosmetic colored lenses at the checkout.

Comfortable Contact Lenses For Brown Eyes

What replacement cycles are available in color contacts?

We provide a range of options from daily color lenses also known as one-day colored contacts to ones with use for up to 12 months or yearly disposable, this will affect how your colored contacts feel. Daily color contact lenses have higher water content and feel softer so if you have super sensitive eyes then these are the best option for you!

Monthly color contact lenses are slightly thicker than the dailies, these lenses need to be long-lasting and sturdier to last up to a month so they need to be regularly cleaned and disinfected, they are more resistant to drying out.

3-monthly color lenses and yearly colored contacts are again more durable than dailies, they have less water content and need to be cleaned regularly for less eye build-up.

Depending on your daily routine, the right wear lenses will determine your comfort. If it’s a one-off wear, or if you’re a busy bee and don’t have the time to thoroughly clean the lenses every day then daily colored contacts would be best, you take them out of the package and go. If you are a more regular user of colored contacts and have more of a daily eye routine then yearly lenses are a great way to save on daily contact costs.

Will colored contacts irritate my eyes?

Your colored contacts should not irritate your eyes if they do, there could be a few reasons why. Our lenses at Solotica are US FDA approved and completely safe for your eyes, however, some colored contacts are not FDA approved. These lenses are bought in places such as joke/ costume shops or street markets. They are not fitted to your eye and could lead to your cornea being scraped and scarred so make sure your colored contacts are from an FDA-approved business.

Sometimes you can experience burning or eye irritation, this can be caused by an allergic reaction or eye protein build-up on your colored lenses which happens when your lenses are not kept up to date with disinfection. To prevent this, make sure you are replacing your lenses when necessary and cleaning them after every use. If you still find them uncomfortable check your contact storage as you may be having an allergic reaction to the storage solution, try using a different type or brand.

Where can I get the most comfortable lenses?

At Solotica we have a huge selection of natural colored contact lenses for everyone, with prescription, non-prescription and astigmatism-friendly lenses custom-made for maximum eye comfort. You can choose from color, usage time and the option between a limbal ring for a more defined look or no limbal ring for a natural look.

You can browse our beautiful range of high comfort colored contacts today, and fall in love with our naturally inspired colors, happy shopping.

Are colored contact lenses comfortable?

Color contacts can be very comfortable, our custom-made contacts provide you with the exact match for your eye, ensuring maximum comfort.

Is it okay to wear colored contacts every day?

It's absolutely safe to wear color contacts every day. We offer daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly colored eye contacts, so make sure you select the current usage for your routine.

Can colored contacts damage your eyes?

Colored contacts that are illegal and not FDA-approved can damage your eyes by causing scarring and scraping to your cornea. FDA approved colored eye contacts will not damage your eyes, provided you maintain maximum eye hygiene. You should always check with your eye doctor before wearing contact lenses for the first time.

Here at Solotica, we pride ourselves on combining the latest contact lens technology with incredible color choices. These combine for ultimate comfort and the most natural-looking colored lenses on the market. Shop with Solotica today and find the best and most comfortable color contact lenses!