The scary season is here, and it’s time to dust off your costume box and get ready to transform yourself into something incredible this Halloween. With spooky parties, trending Halloween sounds on TikTok, and Horror film movie nights, this season is the makeup artists’ dream and Halloween contacts are on the top of their shopping lists. If you’re a little stuck on what to create yourself into this year, then you want to check out these Halloween looks paired with our safe colored contact lenses for your ultimate 2022 Halloween makeup look.

2022 Halloween Makeup Look with US FDA Approved Colored Contacts

2022 Trending Halloween Makeup Looks

If you can't decide on your Halloween character for 2022 yet, this Halloween blog article will help you be inspired and take you to the mood of the Halloween world!

Halloween Makeup Looks with Blue Eyes

Illusion and Delusion

Feeling a bit dizzy? Seeing double? Don’t worry it’s not your eyes, this fantastic illusion created by @mimles is enough to make you feel slightly motion sick right? Illusions are a great option for Halloween makeup to really freak out your friends. This look is topped off with our Solotica Hidrocor Topazio blue colored lenses for that dazzling pop to Mimi’s many eyes.

2022 Halloween Illusion Makeup


The White Tiger

If you’re feeling fierce this Halloween, this blue and white tiger is an outstanding way to completely transform yourself. Add our Aquarella Arara Blue colored lenses and this Halloween look completely comes to life. For this look you will need; white, blue, pink, and black blendable paint, blending sponges, and detailed liner brushes for the black and white.

2022 Halloween Tiger Makeup


Cracked Doll

Don’t go breaking my heart… or face! This cracked China Doll face by @nataliya_makeup is a great glam/horror combination. For this look, Nataliya used our Natural Colors Topazio lenses to fully enhance the doll eye look. Halloween colored contacts don’t always have to be unnatural colors to be creepy, there’s something about the life-like blue eyes of a doll that can put a chill through anyone.

2022 Halloween Scary Doll Makeup


Halloween Makeup Looks with Gray Eyes

Skull Makeup

The classic skull makeup is a staple look for all makeup artists and suits literally everyone, of course, we do all have a skull so why wouldn’t it? For this look, you can either stick with the traditional black and white or mix it up with colors. Our Hidrocor Ice colored lenses fit perfectly with this skull look. All you need to recreate this Halloween makeup is black and white face paint.

2022 Halloween Skull Makeup



Death by Zombie, would be a very Halloween way to go! Well, now you can truly jump into the life of a horror movie victim with this sickly makeup look. Try our bold and striking Hidrocor Quartzo colored lenses to create that beautiful natural look that can be fully spoilt by the grasp of a zombie…zombie breath much?

2022 Halloween Zombie Makeup


The Fortune Teller

Look on the bright side with your Halloween contacts, Aquarella Alegria Gray lenses will add that crazy contrast for a real startling look. This fortune teller-like makeup created by @aisha.stylez is mysteriously poetic. You will need black face paint and burgundy liquid lip for this one.

2022 Halloween Makeup Witch Look


Halloween Makeup Looks with Green Eyes

The Conjuring

Release your inner Valak with this horrific full-face makeup look. @aisha.stylez has pulled it out of the bag again with this one, our Hidrocor Mel colored lenses fully capture this nun’s deadly hollow stare. You will need lots of white and black paint for this.

2022 Halloween Scary Nun Makeup


Encanto, The Lost Fairy

Tinkerbell who? This stunning fairy look by @kilennyk is a really cute option this Halloween. Our Green Halloween contacts featured in this look are the Hidrocor Rio Ipanema contact lenses which pair with the glorious green eyeshadow Kilenny has used on her eyes. Matched with a white hydro-liner and butterfly hair clips.

2022 Halloween Encanto Makeup


Bratz, The Fashionista Doll

Talking about iconic fashion in the mid-2000s, the characters of the Bratz definitely come first in your mind. Their passion for fashion has made high-school gals unleash their creative styling! Why not bring it back to life this Halloween 2022 and capture everyone’s attention the moment you walk into the Halloween party?! For this Halloween character, all you need is a perfect winged eyeliner, fluttery eyelashes and green colored contacts such as Sea Green from our Aquarella range. Don’t forget to finish the look with a red matte lipstick and off you go to allure the crowd!

2022 Halloween Makeup The Doll Bratz


Halloween Makeup Looks with Brown Eyes

Naughty Clown

The colorful clown is a cutesy spin on the otherwise creepy makeup look. Aisha has used our Aquarella Sienna Brown lenses for a warm friendly look. This playful clown will require white paint, some lush false lashes and a range of different eyeshadow colors.

2022 Halloween Makeup Scary Clown Look



This Disney inspired look brings the term doe eyes to life, with our Aquarella Tupis Brown lenses a really simple but effective look. All you will need is a bronzer for your deer color, a black hydro-liner for the nose and exaggerated eyes, and either white paint or a light concealer for the spots.

2022 Halloween Makeup Disney Look


Goddess of the Atlantic

Green hair brown eyes is the next blonde hair blue eyes! This Aqua inspired look pairs our Hidrocor Avela lenses with enchanting green hair and smokey wet eyeshadow. To recreate simply do your base makeup as usual and blend a dark brown and black eyeshadow. Contrast with a gold shimmer shade and put an aqua shimmer color in the corner of your eye!

2022 Halloween Makeup Atlantis


Halloween Makeup Looks with Crazy Halloween Lenses


Who you gunna call? With this many ghosts about you will almost certainly need the Ghost Busters! A psychedelic-like pattern like this needs startling eyes to stand out, this is where our Branca Solflex Hype white contact lenses come into play, simply pop them in, and …. Boo! Black and White face paint is your key to success on this one.

2022 Halloween Makeup Ghostbusters



The Queen of Hearts meets Jack Pumpkin Head in this outstandingly gory Halloween makeup. Our vibrant Halloween lenses, Solflex Hype Amarela yellow contact lenses paired with Hidrocor Quartzo lenses make the perfect mixture of a sweet girl and toxic pumpkin! Gather all your probs for this one as you will need autumnal leaves, moss, fake blood, and a whole lot of orange face paint. If you have some, Liquid latex and tissue will help to create the 3D detailing.

2022 Halloween Scary Pumpkin Makeup


Dracula's Mistress

@itsjustfatimah has stopped us in our tracks with this deadly vampire look. Piercing teeth, and glowing eyes our Solflex Vermelha/strong>red contact lenses are the star of the show. A mix of gore, glam, and horror this look is traditionally the most Halloween of them all.

2022 Halloween Dracula Makeup


Aren’t you just bursting with excitement to try out some new Halloween-colored contacts with your next makeup look? Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration for what look you might want to try this year, from our collection of the best Halloween makeup looks with colored contacts. 2022 Halloween we are ready for you!Our colored contact lenses are U.S. FDA Approved and registered worldwide with certifications including CE Mark confirming they are safe to wear and use.

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