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What are the most natural colored contacts?

What are the most natural colored contacts?

All our collections of Solotica lenses have been designed to offer the most natural finish. Combining pioneering technology and incredible color opacity, Solotica lenses can transform the darkest eye into stunning shades of blues, greens, grays and browns. Hidrocor is one of the most popular and natural collections due to not having a limbal ring around the outside of the lens but if you’re after a slightly more defined look then Natural Colors, Aquarella and our other collections also offer a soft and stunning look.
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Best Green Color Contact Lenses

Our best green colored contacts are Hidrocor Jade, Natural Colors Mel, and Hidrocor Rio Ipanema.
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Best Hazel Color Lenses

Our best brown colored contacts are Solotica Hidrocor Ocre, Solotica Hidrocor Avela, and Solotica Aquarella.
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Best Blue Color Lenses

Our best blue colored contacts are Solotica Hidrocor Safira, Solotica Natural Color Quartzo and Solotica Hidrocor Aquamarine.
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Best Gray Color Lenses

Our best grey colored contacts are Solotica Hidrocor Ice, Solotica Hidrocor Grafite and Solotica Hidrocor Cristal.
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Color Contact Lenses FAQ

  • Where can I buy color contact lenses?
    You can buy color contact lenses safely and securely from We offer multiple currencies to buy our color lenses in and we ship worldwide. View our list of shipping countries here.
  • What is the best brand for color contact lenses?
    Solotica has been named the world’s best brand of colored contact lenses due to the pioneering contact lens technology and incredible color opacity that is carefully crafted into each product. Our lenses are FDA approved and safe to use (providing your eyes are suitable for lenses and this has been confirmed by your eye doctor).
  • Are Solotica lenses FDA approved?
    Solotica contact lenses in the collections Hidrocor, Hidrocor Rio and Natural Colors are FDA approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. These collections are approved under 510 (K) K160472 classified as soft contact lenses. Solotica contact lenses are also CE certified in the EU and UK as well as registered by the FDA of Saudi Arabia and approved by the Ministry of Health in the UAE.
  • Are colored contact lenses safe?
    Colored contact lenses are safe to use providing you are buying from an authorized seller, and you have confirmation from your eye doctor that contact lenses are suitable. Be wary of fake brands selling colored contact lenses as these are produced cheaply with no regulation and can be severely damaging for your eye health.
  • Do colored contacts ruin your eyes?
    Colored contacts should not ruin your eyes. Ensure you follow the proper instructions make sure you clean and store them correctly, as well as not overwearing them so your eyes have a break. Always ensure you are buying real colored contact lenses as cheap and fake brands are not regulated and can severely damage your eyes. Before you try color contact lenses, we always recommend getting confirmation from your eye doctor that they are suitable for your eyes.
  • What’s the rarest eye color?
    Gray is the rarest eye color in the world with almost no one in the world naturally having this color. Green is one of the rarer colors out of the main color groups with less than 2% of the world’s population having this eye color naturally. If you’ve always dreamed of green, gray, blue or hazel eyes then you’re in luck. We offer a huge range of color choices in our colored contact lens line up so you can transform your eyes to more common tones of browns to unusual but natural tones of green or gray.
  • How can I make my eyes lighter?
    Colored contact lenses are the easiest way to make your eyes lighter. With a huge range of colors spanning greens, blues, grays and hazels, Solotica lenses can transform your eyes in bright beautiful hues. Due to our color technology, Solotica lenses can transform the darkest eye into light colors without anyone knowing it’s not your real eye color!
  • How many hours can you wear color contact lenses?
    The recommended wear of color contact lenses is up to 10-12 hours. Everyone’s eyes are different however and it’s important you give your eyes a break from lenses. All our lenses are suitable to wear daily (within their replacement schedules), but you should not overwear them or sleep in them. Our Hidrocor, Natural Colors, Hidrocor Rio and Aquarella Quarterly collections should also be cleaned and stored correctly after use to ensure comfortable wearing when you next put them in.
  • How to put in colored contacts?

    Putting in colored contacts for the first time can be tricky, but if you follow these instructions, you will be able to wear them safely and comfortably.

    1. Clean hands. This is an absolute fundamental before you put anything in your eye. Thoroughly wash your hands in warm, soapy water and dry them before handling your colored contact lenses.
    2. Check your lenses and clean them in contact lens solution. If you notice a mark or debris on your lenses, try cleaning them thoroughly in solution before putting into your eye. If you notice a tear on your lenses, discard of them and use a new pair as these can be uncomfortable and damaging to your eye.
    3. Place your lens on your index finger with a lens in a bowl shape position
    4. Pull the bottom of your eye down (with either another finger or you opposite hand) while still holding the lens on your index finger.
    5. Place the lens onto your eye. Some people put the lens straight onto the iris while others prefer to put the lens in the corner of their eye and then blink it into place. If it’s your first time trying color lenses, then this may take a few attempts until you get used to it. Be patient and ensure your lens is clean throughout the process.
  • Where to buy non-prescription colored contacts?
    You can buy non-prescription colored contacts from Solotica. As well as being available in a range of prescriptions, we offer all our lenses with 0.00 power.
  • What color contact lenses should I get?
    If you’re new to colored contact lenses, then we recommend experimenting with our Aquarella daily or Aquarella Quarterly collections. For more avid colored contact lens wearers we suggest checking out our best-selling Hidrocor collection, or for a slightly bolder look opt for Natural Colors. Both collections come in a yearly replacement cycle so you can wear your favorite eye color every day for up to one year!
  • What are the most realistic colored contact lenses?
    All our Solotica collections have been designed to offer the most natural look on the market. Our best-selling collection is Hidrocor. This is due to the soft finish of the lenses without a limbal ring which give a subtle and incredibly natural finish. Couple this with the amazing color opacity and no one will know you’re wearing colored contact lenses!
  • Which color contact lenses are the most comfortable?
    Solotica lenses have been designed by contact lens specialists meaning the comfort and fit is paramount in the creation of all our collections. Our yearly color contact lens collections are slightly thicker which some people find they can’t wear as long but it is completely down to your individual preference. Our Aquarella daily lenses are a thin, daily lens which can be disposed of at the end of the day after wear.
  • Can you wear colored contacts every day?
    You can wear colored contacts everyday providing you are following the recommended guidelines and not overwearing them in the day. Some people like to give their eyes one day break in the week, but this is up to personal preference. All our collections are designed to be worn daily. With our yearly Hidrocor, Hidrocor Rio and Natural Colors collections, you can wear the same lenses every day for up to one year. Our Aquarella Quarterly collection is designed to be worn every day for up to 3 months. Aquarella quarterly lenses should be disposed of daily after use, but a new pair can be worn the next day.
  • What color contacts does Kylie Jenner wear?
    Kylie Jenner has regularly been seen our wearing Solotica lenses. Her favorite color is the best-selling Hidrocor Mel. A soft pistachio green which complements all skin tones.
  • Can you get color contacts for astigmatism?
    Yes, you can buy toric colored lenses for astigmatism from Solotica. We custom make your lenses to suit your specific eyes and these are available in all colored featured in our yearly collections: Hidrocor, Hidrocor Rio and Natural Colors.
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