Solotica Toric For Astigmatism Colored Contacts

Toric For Astigmatism

If you’ve always wanted to wear color contacts but have an astigmatism, then you no longer need to compromise on your vision. We create colored contacts for astigmatism for our 3 best-selling collections (Hidrocor, Hidrocor Rio and Natural Colors), meaning you can achieve the eye color of your dreams with perfect vision from your custom-made lenses.
Set Descending Direction

Solotica toric lenses are colored contact lenses designed specifically for people who suffer from astigmatism. People with astigmatism tend to have an irregular shaped cornea, instead of this being spherical like a ball, it is shaped more like an egg or a rugby ball, with one side being more curved than the other. Astigmatism is a common eye condition and you can have this in one or both eyes. Solotica toric lenses are designed specifically to suit the wearer’s individual contact lens prescription correcting the sphere, cylinder, axis and base curve to ensure the perfect fit and giving beautifully clear vision.

As all color toric lenses are custom made to order, it will require a production time of around 8 weeks.

All collections of toric lenses for astigmatism are suitable for daily wear for up to one year. They should be cared for and stored correctly after every use to ensure their yearly lasting.

As all lenses are custom-made, we require from you your specific prescription for your sphere, cylinder, axis and base curve.

As the lenses are custom-made just for you, we will not be able to cancel an order or return the product even if the lenses are still sealed.