Aquarella Quarterly

Aquarella Quarterly

Our latest collection, Aquarella Quarterly builds on our existing reputation of pioneering contact lens technology and outstanding color opacity to bring you six new shades in a quarterly lens. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant landscape of our home in Brazil, we have developed new colors ranging from deep Amazon rainforest greens to beautiful light grays and dazzling hazel tones. We are proud to introduce our newest quarterly colored contact lens, combining natural eye colors with everyday comfort and crystal clear vision!
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6 Items

  1. New Solotica Aquarella Gambucci Green
    Aquarella Cambuci Green - 2 lenses
    $50.00 Price per pack
  2. New Solotica Aquarella Amazonia Green
    Aquarella Amazonia Green - 2 lenses
    $50.00 Price per pack
  3. New Solotica Aquarella Beleza Gray
    Aquarella Beleza Gray - 2 lenses
    $50.00 Price per pack
  4. New Solotica Aquarella Dandara Hazel
    Aquarella Dandara Hazel - 2 lenses
    $50.00 Price per pack
  5. New Solotica Aquarella Quarterly Bossa Nova Gray
    Aquarella Bossa Nova Gray - 2 lenses
    $50.00 Price per pack
  6. New Solotica Aquarella Arara Blue
    Aquarella Arara Blue - 2 lenses
    $50.00 Price per pack

6 Items

Solotica Aquarella Quarterly FAQ

  • What colors are available in Aquarella Quarterly?

    Amazonia Green – Inspired by the world’s richest and most-varied rainforest, the Amazon basin, containing several million species of plants and animals, many still remain unrecorded by science. The luxuriant vegetation encompasses a wide variety of trees, including many species of palm, acacia and ferns as well as the beautiful rosewood and Brazil nut. We have chosen to celebrate this wonder of the world and name our most rich and deepest of green colored contact lens Amazonia Green!

    We hope you love it!

    Dandara Hazel – Inspired from our Brazilian heritage and culture we have chosen to name this most beautiful hazel colored contact lens after Dandara of Palmares, the most celebrated of warriors. Dandara literally means “a mais bela” (the most beautiful). We celebrate Dandara a queen, a mother and a warrior, daring and powerful, intelligent, thoughtful and a loyal woman and leader. Doing it her way and fighting for the freedom, equality and independence of all black women and men in Brazil during the 17th century. She gave her life for the cause. Dandara was the wife of Zumbi, (Brazil’s most celebrated Afro-Brazilian leader), a freedom fighter in her own right she deserves to be remembered as more than just someone’s wife.

    We celebrate everything she stands for then and today!

    Beleza Gray – Inspired by our beautiful and lyrical language, Portuguese, we have chosen Beleza as the name for our most beautiful gray colored contact lens. Beleza in Portuguese literally means beauty! We love this word and we use it in many different ways and we wanted to share it with you. In portugeses we would say “Que beleza!” meaning “Whay Beauty”.

    Beleza Brazil!

    Arara Blue – Inspired by all the beautiful birds of paradise that inhabit the vibrant country that is our home, Arara Blue will bring to you the most wonderful blue eyes. This blue colored contact lens is inspired by the Hyacinth Macaw, a stunningly beautiful blue parrot, with vibrant deep blue feathers that have just a touch of lighter blue, this beautiful bird of paradise turns heads when seen. Known for their playful, inquisitive and sociable nature, Macaws are captivatingly beautiful, just like you!

    We hope that you appreciate the splendour of Arara Blue!

    Cambuci Green – This glorious shade of green is inspired by the Cambuci Tree, producing one of the sweetest and most versatile of fruits. Native to Brazil’s Atlantic Forest this wonderful fruit falls naturally to the ground when ripe and ready to eat. Cambuci Green combines several shades of green making it one of the most mesmerizing eye colors that we have ever produced.

    Celebrate your softer side when wearing the sweetest of green colored contact lenses!

    Bossa Nova Gray – Bossa Nova music nods towards the style of Samba which was developed in the late 1950s and 1960s in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s main characteristics are a “different beat” and some unconventional chords, bringing a more romantic and dreamy mood to the music and dance. The beautiful blue-gray tones of this lens are as unique as the Bossa Nova beat!

    Dance your own style when wearing Bossa Nova Gray!

  • What are Solotica Aquarella Quarterly lenses?
    Aquarella Quarterly colored contact lenses are the newest contact lens collection from Solotica with a 3-monthly replacement cycle. The six colors can completely transform the color of the eye. Suitable for both cosmetic and prescription, you can completely transform the color of your eyes without ever compromising on clear vision.
  • How long do Solotica Aquarella Quarterly contact lenses last?
    Solotica Aquarella Quarterly lenses are suitable for daily wear for up to 3 months
  • What is the difference between Aquarella Daily and Aquarella Quarterly?
    The difference between the two collections is the replacement cycle and color choices. Aquarella Quarterly is the newest collection and offers six stunning shades with a quarterly replacement cycle (3 months), they are sold in pairs, suitable for daily wear and will transform your look beautifully. Aquarella Daily colored contact lenses offer 5 beautiful shades in a convenient daily disposable lens option. They are sold in packs of 10 lenses (5 pairs) and have a lighter touch for a subtle color change.
  • Solotica Aquarella Quarterly Technical Specification
    Solotica Aquarella Quartelry lenses are made from Polymacon with a water content of 38%. They all have a base curve of 8.7 and a diameter of 14.2mm. Available in plano or 0:00 power and ranging up to -6.00 prescription.
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