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What are the most natural green colored contacts?

What are the most natural green colored contacts?

Green colored contacts are one of our bestselling colors and it’s no surprise given that only 2% of the world’s population have naturally green eyes. Our natural green contacts range from earthy, olive tones through to bright beautiful green that will make your eyes pop. Explore the different shades across our collections which range from different limbal rings and replacement cycles to ensure you find the most suitable green lens for you. Whichever green tone you desire, we are sure to have the perfect match in our spectacular green colored contacts line-up. Explore our options below and achieve the green eyes of your dreams.
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Green Color Contact Lenses on Black Brown Eyes green contacts before and after black brown eyes

Green Color Contact Lenses on Black Brown Eyes

As with all our colored contacts lenses, even black brown eyes can be converted into our beautiful color contact lens options. Green is a fantastic color choice for switching up your black brown eyes. Our color opacity is second to none and covers the entire iris making it hard for anyone to recognise you’re wearing green colored contact lenses at all!
Green Color Contact Lenses on Dark Brown Eyes green contacts before and after dark brown eyes

Green Color Contact Lenses on Dark Brown Eyes

We pride ourselves on the color opacity of our lenses meaning that all our green colored contact lenses can transform even the darkest brown eye into beautiful shades of green, whether dark or light. If you’ve got dark brown eyes and have always wished for green then all options are in scope with our stunning lineup of green lenses.
Green Color Contact Lenses on Light Brown Eyes green contacts before and after light brown eyes

Green Color Contact Lenses on Light Brown Eyes

All of our green color contact lenses can transform light brown eyes seamlessly into the desired tone. Some of our color options combine subtle hints of hazels and browns which make the transformation to green all the more natural but if you’re looking to completely transform your light brown eyes to green, then Solotica lenses are the perfect choice for you.

FAQ - Green Colored Contacts

  • Can green contacts cover brown eyes?
    All our color contact lenses utilise the latest contact lens technology and color opacity to ensure full coverage, even on dark brown eyes.
  • How rare are green eyes?
    Green eyes are only found in around 2% of the world’s population. The highest concentration of green eyes can be found in Ireland, Scotland and Northern Europe. With color contact lenses, it’s now easier than ever to also achieve your dream green eye color.
  • How much are green contacts?
    Green color contact lenses range in price based on which of our collections they come from.
  • What are the most popular green colored contact lenses for brown eyes?
    We offer a range of green colored contact lenses that can seamlessly cover brown eyes. Our most popular green colored lenses for brown eyes are Hidrocor Jade, Natural Colors Mel and Aquarella Amazonia Green.
  • Can you get green colored contact lenses with an astigmatism prescription?
    At Solotica we offer the green colored contacts from our Hidrocor, Hidrocor Rio and Natural Colors collections with an astigmatism prescription. Simply pick your desired green shade and then enter your specific eye’s sphere, cylinder, axis and base curve and we will custom-make your green contact lenses.
  • Which green colored contact lenses are best for brown eyes?
    All the green colored contact lenses across our collections have been designed with excellent color opacity to cover brown eyes. Our collections vary on replacement cycle and limbal ring, but all can transfer existing brown eyes into beautiful shades of green, whether light or dark tones.
  • Which green colored contact lenses are best for dark brown eyes?
    Whichever your preference of green tone, all Solotica lenses are designed to fully transform dark brown eyes into beautiful shades of greens. If you are looking for a more subtle switch up then opt for a more earthy green shade such as Mel or Rio Buzios. If you’re looking for a brighter tone of green to cover your dark brown eyes then why not try our best-selling Hidrocor Jade color lens or Cambuci Green from our latest Aquarella Quarterly collection?
  • Where to buy green colored contacts?
    You can buy green colored contacts safely and securely through our online website
  • Can you get prescription green color contact lenses?
    Yes, all our Solotica green color contact lenses are available both with and without prescription. You can even get green color toric lenses for astigmatism.
  • What green color contact does Kylie Jenner wear?
    Hidrocor Mel are Kylie Jenner’s favorite green color contact lenses.
  • Where can you get safe, and FDA approved green colored contacts?
    Solotica green colored contact lenses are FDA approved and available to buy safely and easily from our global online store.
  • Which green colored contacts have no limbal ring?
    Several of our collections of green colored contacts don’t have a limbal ring. Browse our Hidrocor yearly, Hidrocor monthly, Aquarella Quarterly and Aquarella Daily collections today to view all our green lenses without a limbal ring for an extremely natural finish.
  • Which green colored contact lenses have a limbal ring?
    Our Natural Colors collection features green lenses with a slight limbal ring. For a slightly bolder limbal ring, our Solflex Natural Colors collection has a more defined limbal ring.
  • Where to buy the most natural green colored contacts?
    At Solotica we are proud to offer the world’s most natural green colored contacts. We offer a range of color choices, prescriptions, and replacement cycles to choose from without ever compromising on quality and natural look on all lenses.
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