If you missed our last Halloween Lookbook with gray contact lenses then do not fear, this week we’re bringing our favorite green color contact lenses for Halloween 2021. Versatile and luxurious, green is our best-selling colored lenses and we’re about to show you why!

Next up in our lookbook series is a spotlight on green lenses for the ultimate Glamoween!

What Are The Best Green Colored Contact Lenses To Wear For Halloween 2021?

  1. Solotica Hidrocor Yearly Green Lenses - Get your revolutionized rebel-look with Solotica Hidrocor green contact lenses. Pair this makeup style with Solotica Hidrocor Rio Copacabana from the Solotica Hidrocor Rio collection for a modern-seductive beauty that will captivate everyone’s attention. This best-selling collections comes in a yearly disposable lens so you can enjoy this stunning tone inspired by the vibrant colors of Brazil multiple days of the year.
  2. Solotica Natural Colors Green Lenses - Perfect to finish off your Glamoween look, the natural colors collection features a slight limbal ring for a more defined look. The perfect complement to any makeup look. From runway to Halloween, this euphoric look will boost your beauty effortlessly. Unlock the secret by wearing our iconic green contact lenses, Solotica Natural Colors Mel from the Solotica Natural Colors range.
  3. Solotica Aquarella Green Lenses - Attending a star-studded Halloween? We’ll help you be the standout star of the show! Finish your wet makeup look with opulent green contact lenses like Solotica Aquarella Cambuci Green. These gorgeous lenses are for everyone! From our latest collection, Solotica Aquarella Quarterly can be worn daily for up to 3 months.

Under 2% of the world’s population has natural green eyes making it one of the more desirable colors. With Solotica, green eyes can be yours in an instant.

If you’re still deliberating which green lenses will complement your Glamoween look, then get in touch with our customer care team who are here 24/7 to help you. With express global shipping, you could receive your gorgeous green contact lenses in a few days!