The brown colored contact lens you’ve all been waiting for! We’re so excited to announce the latest addition to our best-selling Aquarella Quarterly collection: Solotica Aquarella Tupis Brown. A beautiful brown shade that is naturally enhancing for both dark brown eyes also lighter hazel brown eyes. This color lens is an extremely natural brown tone and is finished without a limbal ring making the finish soft and subtle.

New Natural Colored Contact Lens For Dark Eyes

Let’s have a closer look on how this natural brown colored contact lens will look on both medium and dark brown eyes.

Aquarella Tupis Brown: The Most Natural Looking Colored Contact Lens For Brown Eyes

Who is Tupis Brown colored contact lens suitable for?

We designed Tupis Brown contact lens as the perfect brown contact lens for existing brown eyes. Whether you’re looking to lighten dark eyes or add additional depth and sparkle, Tupis Brown is the ultimate colored lens for brown eyes.

The Before and After Transformation

Before and After on Dark Brown Eyes

We absolutely love Tupis Brown on dark brown eyes. The lens color beautifully lifts the natural shade of the eye into a dazzling earthy brown. The lens covers the full iris and is finished without a limbal ring for an extremely natural look so no one will know you’re wearing lenses at all.

Before and After Colored Contact Lens on Dark Brown Eyes

Before and After on Light Brown Eyes

If you’re looking to try colored contact lenses with a subtle finish then Tupis Brown is perfect for light brown. The color blends seamlessly with the existing iris and offers unrivalled depth and sparkle to your eyes.

Before and After Colored Contact Lens on Light Brown Eyes

If you have existing green, blue or gray eyes then Tupis Brown can still fully cover the natural iris into this beautiful brown. If you have existing brown eyes then this is a lens absolute not to miss – try yours today with secure payments and quick delivery from our online store!