As a luxury color contact lens brand, we are always on the lookout for more natural colors we can bring to our customers to transform their eye color. We are delighted to bring two new colors to our yearly ranges of Hidrocor and Natural Colors. Say hello to Cielo and Agata! After the success of our previous gemstone colors (Jade, Aquamarine and Safira), we researched what other illuminating shades we could draw from precious stones to bring our customers the look of luxury!

Solotica New Colors Agata and Cielo

Let’s have a look at these new shades and how they look on different eye colors:

Two New Solotica Colors: Agata and Cielo

Solotica Cielo Color Contact Lenses

One of the rarest gemstones, Cielo as a color offers the perfect marriage between blues and grays. Allegedly discovered in Argentina where a meteorite with the name of this precious stone was discovered, it’s been historically believed that Cielo carries supernatural properties and we’re sure you’ll feel the same when you wear this color in your eye. The stunning marble effect of this gemstone is replicated seamlessly across the lens print offering extra dimension and sparkle to your eye!

Solotica Cielo

Solotica Cielo before and after on dark brown eyes

Solotica Cielo Dark Brown Eyes

As with all our lenses, we use the latest color opacity and lens technology to ensure seamless coverage of all eye colors. Cielo is a beautiful dark-gray blend that can effortlessly cover and transform existing dark eyes into this alluring shade. Try it without a limbal ring with Solotica Hidrocor Cielo for a more natural looking result or opt for Natural Colors Cielo enhanced with a soft limbal ring to contrast your original eye color with a more toned-down result.

Solotica Cielo before and after on light brown eyes

Solotica Cielo Light Brown Eyes

A striking combination, Cielo is a darker blue-gray shade that looks spectacular on light eyes. With a unique marble pattern, no one will be able to stop looking at your eyes!

Solotica Agata Color Contact Lenses

Inspired by the precious stone Agate, this lens color is the epitome of natural brown. Agate is special as it was the first-ever precious stone written down in an ancient script and the tombs of Egyptian royalty used to be covered with agate ornaments and jewelry! The rich tone of this lens is unlike any of our other color contact lenses and is perfect for adding extra depth to existing brown eyes or for transforming other eye colors into this earthy tone.

Solotica Agata

Solotica Agata before and after on dark brown eyes

Solotica Agata Dark Brown Eyes

Our favorite combination is Hidrocor Agata on dark brown eyes. This lens is the perfect choice to lighten dark brown or even black brown into this rich, chocolatey shade of brown.

Solotica Agata before and after on light brown eyes

Solotica Agata Light Brown Eyes

If you have naturally light eyes and are looking for a natural brown, Natural Colors Agata is definitely the color for you. The color change is subtle yet adds a lot of sparkle to existing light eyes.

Hidrocor vs Natural Colors

Now you’ve decided which color is for you, if not both, then next is to decide which collection to choose from. We loved these colors so much we decided to launch them in our 2 best selling collections. The main difference between the two is the limbal ring. Hidrocor does not feature a limbal ring for a soft and natural finish while Natural Colors features a light limbal ring for a slightly bolder look.

Both collections come as a yearly replacement cycle and with 38% water content.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience the look of luxury today with our 2 new colors!