Lighter mornings, blue skies, lush grass… the first signs of Spring are here, and we cannot wait. With the coming of a new season comes new season styles and trends and 2022 has got us excited. We’ve listed our favorite Spring make-up trends that you can pair with colored contact lenses for the best look of this glorious season!

2022 Top Trending Spring Makeup Looks You Must Know

So, let’s go through the list of the 2022 Spring Makeup Trends That You Should Try:

Trend #1 - Soft Skin

What’s better than beautiful skin caught in the glowing sun of Spring? Heavy-based, contoured looks can be left in Winter, and Spring can focus on getting the most out of your natural complexion. Paired with a freckled look, this trend is popping up left, right and centre as we cross seasons.

2022 Top Spring Makeup Trend 1 Soft Skin

Soft skin is a winner with any colored contact lens in our eyes (excuse the pun) but our absolute favorite to try is Hidrocor Cristal, a beautiful light gray colored contact lens that brings out the best in natural, glowing skin.

Trend #2 - Rosy Cheeks

Perfect to pair with your soft skin, light dusty pinks and reds are the perfect accompaniment this Spring season. Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk collection has to be our favorite when it comes to this trend for Spring. This iconic collection offers a dreamy and romantic look with the nude-pink as the standout icon.

2022 Top Spring Makeup Trend 2 Rosy Cheeks

Rosy cheeks paired with a rich and natural blue contact lenses like Natural Colors Topazio help emphasize this romantic, soft Spring look.

Trend #3 - Laminated Brows

The new hottest eyebrow trend to push microblading out the top spot, laminated brows deliver full -looking brows that stay in shape without the need for any additional make-up pigment. Laminated brows straighten and lift your natural brows compared to microblading which uses semi-permanent dye to shape the eyebrows.

2022 Top Spring Makeup Trend 3 Laminated Brows

To contrast your new laminated brows, we love a warm brown or hazel lens. Check out Natural Colors Ocre or the new Aquarella Castanha Brown.

Trend #4 - Blush Draping

A revived make-up trend from the 70s and 80s, blush draping uses blush to contour and sculpt your face, enhancing your natural bone structure. Historically this look was paired with bright or glitter eyeshadows, but this recent trend is popular among a more natural, daytime look over the glamorous evening vibe.

2022 Top Spring Makeup Trend 4 Blush Draping

Try adding a subtle amount of blush in the hollows of your cheek and around the forehead for a stunning look. We love this look paired with a soft hazel lens such as Natural Colors Avela or Aquarella Dandara Hazel.

TIP:For more ideas on how to apply this technique, try checking out some of the videos on the TikTok hashtag #blushcontour!

Trend #5 - Embellish with Glitter

The return of season two of Euphoria can hands down take credit for this trend. This season does not shy away from beautiful glitter and metallic looks and we’re seeing these elements carried through to the runways for Spring and Summer 2022. There are hundreds of products on the market growing in popularity from glitter eyeshadows through to face and body glitter for an all over glow.

2022 Top Spring Makeup Trend 5 Embellish with Glitter

Green eyes are an absolute winner with this look, why not try Hidrocor Rio Copacabana or our new Aquarella Quarterly Bahia Green to set your sparkle look off with a bang?

Whatever look you’re feeling during this Season change, we’d love to see it paired with our natural colored contact lenses.


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