Name a better way to start 2022 other than binge-watching Euphoria season 2. We will wait. For those of you who are late to the party and haven’t quite got round to skipping the gym for a good old series (it’s February now, you can give up the “new year, new me” and “health is wealth” act), Euphoria is the epic HBO school drama series produced by Drake and manager Future The Prince. Featuring stars such as actor and singer Zendaya and heart-throb Jacob Elordi, it gives us ALL the chick-flick cross fantasy vibes.

What Is Euphoria Makeup?

Euphoria makeup is the opposite of “no-makeup makeup” and is a visual depiction of the intensified life of the American teenagers the series is based around. Although controversial, the makeup looks are more than outrageously bold for the sake of making headlines, these looks are said to hold subliminal messages that portray each character's emotion and development as the series elapses. If, on the other hand, you are talking literally, Euphoria makeup is all things glitter, neon eyeshadow, pearl-studded eyebrows, star-shaped liner, and of course golden glitter tears.

So, if you haven’t all already dug out those graphic liners and stick-on gems to try the electric and abstract looks featured in the show, we’re here to guide you through the best Euphoria inspired makeup looks to pair perfectly with our range of natural colored contact lenses.

The Euphoric Beauty:

Sparkling gemstones are a staple in the hit TV series and can be used almost anywhere on the face. We have opted for one of the bolder diamonte brazened looks whereby you (strategically) “scatter” tiny crystals across your nose and cheeks mimicking the look of freckles. For maximum impact, we would pair this glittering get-up with our nude-toned hazel lenses, warm smokey eyes, and a natural matte lipstick to finish.

Metallic-Winged Wonder:

Of course, we are referring to the one character who really knows her stuff when it comes to makeup. Maddy’s looks on Euphoria are pristine but super fun and bold. Emmy award-winning makeup artist Doniella Davy explained how each of Maddy’s eye looks should resemble a miniature outfit… Now that is dedication. The winged liner made its debut appearance in season 1 episode 2, as a visual representation of Maddy’s ferocity and fiery personality.

This look takes “if in doubt, wing it out” to a whole new level and can be achieved with your most metallic liner, a smudge of black eyeshadow to the waterline and a simple coat of mascara to finish. Most of the cast have darker eyes, however, for a striking catwalk look, we would totally pair this makeup with our new Aquarella Bahia Green lenses.

Glitter-Teared Trooper:

The iconic glitter tears have blown up in the makeup sphere, with thousands of gen “Zers” rocking the look made famous from the show. Troubled character Rue Bennett sports a bare-faced, almost messy look to match her real-life struggles, however, the addition of the trending teardrops adds an emotive quality to Rue’s makeup look that we have loved styling up. Aim for a natural base and opt for dewy, glowy skin products with a subtle lip stain. To match the glacial look of real tears, pair with either the Hidrocor Quartzo or Natural Colors Quartzo lenses.

Why are Euphoria makeup looks trending?

Mainly because they represent everything 2020/2021 was not. These looks are an expression of feelings, dressing up to go out, antics with friends, clubs, relationships and so much more. For those who have felt the need to express themselves after a few years of being confined to virtual quizzes and working from home attire, Euphoria is a breath of fresh air and has completely taken off. Season 2 has come at just the right time, and we can’t wait to see these iconic looks replicated across the world.

Feeling inspired? Shop more colored contact lenses here and wow-the-crowd with your own take on these Euphoria-style makeup looks.