How long your colored contact lenses last depends on 2 important factors:

  • 1) the replacement cycle of the lenses you buy
  • 2) how well you look after them.

Let’s look at both these factors in more depth so you can make sure you’re getting the most out of your colored contact lenses.

How Long Do Colored Contacts Last

Replacement cycles in colored contact lenses

As with regular contact lenses, colored contact lenses come in varying replacement cycles including daily, monthly, quarterly, and even yearly. Which replacement cycle you go for is up to personal preference.

It’s important to note that day 1 starts after you open your lenses. Color contact lenses do come with expiry dates, but they are usually very long and your lenses can be stored in unopened packets for a length of time. After breaking the seal and opening up your lenses, your replacement cycle of that lens will begin.

If you’re new to colored contact lenses and want to experiment with color, then daily colored contact lenses may be a good choice before you commit to a longer replacement cycle. Your specific eye is also a factor, if you require a prescription then some people find the longer wear yearly lenses a better suit and a more cost-effective solution for everyday wear.

At Solotica, we offer a range of replacement cycles so you can find the perfect colored contact lens for you. Let’s have a look at our range of collections:

Daily Colored Contact Lenses

Daily colored contact lenses are also known as one-day disposable contact lenses. Our Aquarella One Day collection offers 5 beautiful shades in a convenient daily disposable lens. Each pack comes with 10 lenses (5 pairs) so you can switch up your eye color and then enjoy the convenience of simply disposing of the lenses after each wear. These are a great option if you have an event coming up or if you want to try out which eye color might suit you best.

Monthly Colored Contact Lenses

Our Hidrocor Monthly and Solflex Natural Colors collections offer beautiful shades ranging from bright blues to rich hazels. All lenses in these collections are suitable for daily wear for up to one month.

Quarterly or 3-Month Colored Contact Lenses

From our newest collection, Aquarella Quarterly lenses come in 11 natural shades and can be worn daily for up to 3 months. These lenses have fast become some of our bestsellers based on how incredibly natural the color and coverage is.

Yearly Colored Contact Lenses

Our yearly colored contact lens collection includes Hidrocor, Hidrocor Rio, and Natural Colors. The lenses within these collections can be worn every day for up to one year making them extremely cost-effective. If you suffer from astigmatism, you can also get custom-made lenses in the colors from any of these collections.

Colored Contact Lenses With Prescription vs. Non-Prescription

All our collections of colored contact lenses in whichever replacement cycle can be purchased with or without prescription.

Are expired color contact lenses safe to wear?

Expired color contact lenses are not safe to wear. Past the expiry date, the solution can become unsterile making the lens unsafe to wear. Lenses past their expiry date should be disposed of and new ones purchased.

Looking after your colored contact lenses

Now you’ve decided on which replacement cycle suits you, next is making sure you look after your lenses to ensure they last their full cycle. Daily colored contact lenses can be disposed of after each wear so there is no need to clean and store these. With all other replacement cycles however it is crucial to take your lenses out carefully with clean hands and to store them in the fresh solution until their next wear.

If you notice debris on your lens, you can clean this off with a cleaning solution. If you notice a tear, however, you should dispose of your lens as it will be unsafe to wear and cause irritation in the eye.

If you are still unsure which colored contact lens collection is best for you then our customer care team is here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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