If we fell in love with every wall color we saw on home inspiration Instagram accounts, we’re sure painting and decorating stores would be tired of seeing our faces! That’s why, when Pantone announced the color of the year for 2022, we knew that this would be a color we would be more than happy to view every day of the year on every surface in our homes.

The Pantone color of the year for 2022 is (drumroll please) … Very Peri! This gorgeous color is a beautiful Periwinkle shade, with a vibrant blue undertone and a slightly red overtone. This shade is perfect for all individuals, but especially for those who are bold with their color choices!

This means officially blue is back and it’s here to stay! There is nothing quite like a vibrant blue to add a pop of color to your home, outfit, makeup and especially with your eye color. Although blue eyes have been a well-loved eye color for many years, it’s thanks to influencers like Pia Mia for really putting this eye-catching eye color in the spotlight. Pia Mia is known to be a big lover of our Solotica Hidrocor Ice lenses, transforming her warm, darker eyes and creating an entirely different aesthetic where her eyes are the focus. The lens color is a classic light blue lens with no limbal ring for an even more natural look, meaning they can be worn daily and with any look. They really do grab attention from onlookers (and admirers, of course), whilst blending in seamlessly to your natural eye color.

However, our favorite lenses at the moment must be our Aquarella Noronha Blue lenses. As well as being the closest match to the beautiful Pantone color of the year, Very Peri, these lenses are an entirely new shade and can be worn over even the darkest of brown eyes due to their unique color pattern. As they are from our Aquarella Quarterly collection, these lenses are able to be worn for up to three months, meaning you can stun the crowd or take the perfect selfie for your socials, time and time again! These lenses are sure to be at the top of our list for the whole of 2022 and at the top of our makeup bags, so we are always ready for the camera. We recommend pairing these lenses with the following looks:

  • The Full Package - These lenses work super well with a full glam look, including all the shimmer your heart desires. The perfect shimmer shade to make this look pop even further is any glitzy gold shade. Be red carpet ready, every day of the week!
  • Pastel Pop - As Pantone have chosen their color of the year to be a pastel-based periwinkle, we’re sure this gives us the go-ahead to enjoy pastel fashion in every season of the year. (Not just the usual Spring!)!
  • The Blue Hue - As you can imagine, these lenses work so well with a blue monochrome outfit. An easy way to achieve this look is with a blue tracksuit, a look made famous by Hollywood celebs and A-listers like Justin Beiber!

As Very Peri is a perfect periwinkle tone that isn’t naturally occurring in human eye color, we also have been loving our bolder lenses for a more experimental look this year. For example, our Solotica Solflex Natural Colors – Quartzo lenses really stand out, even when wearing a head-turning vibrant outfit with plenty of statement accessories. We recommend wearing these lenses with some of the following aesthetics or looks:

  • Neon Over Neutral - The slight yellow tones in these lenses stand out even more when wearing a vibrant neon outfit, which is even more relevant now that the Neon Fashion trend is well and truly back! That’s right, for the first time since the noughties, neon is no longer limited to the festival scene. You can even wear neon on an everyday basis by pairing a blindingly bright accessory with a basic black and white fit, making this style the perfect opportunity to get full use of your Quartzo lenses.
  • No bad Hair Days - When switching up your eye color with our game-changing contact lenses, why not change up your hairstyle with a sleek wig and feel like a celebrity! Kylie Jenner has made lace-front wigs widespread by switching up her hair daily, which is perfect for when you decide to step out of your comfort zone with a bold new look.

We are so excited to incorporate Very Peri, the color of the year, into our everyday lives this year. We have the suspicion that our Social Media feeds could become a parade of this Periwinkle pigment, but we couldn’t be more excited to see what the Pantone shade has to offer!