A limbal ring refers to the outer circle of the iris, the part that separates the white part, from the iris. When looking for which colored contact lenses to go for, the limbal ring can make all the difference. A defined limbal ring means there is a darker, contrasted circle around the iris, while no limbal ring means the iris is the same color right to the edges.


Our Solotica collections have varying limbal rings to suit your personal preference and style

What Is A Limbal Ring On Color Contact Lenses?


No limbal ring


Colored contact lenses without a limbal ring are often the most natural-looking as they give a very soft finish.


Colored contacts without limbal ring collections:

Solotica Hidrocor Yearly Collection

Solotica Hidrocor Monthly Collection

Solotica Aquarella One-Day Collection


Slight limbal ring


Colored contact lenses with a slight ring offer a slight contrast around the iris of the eye. These give a slightly bolder look than lenses without a limbal ring



You can find this light limbal ring on our Solotica Natural Colors range with 14 natural shades to choose from.

Strong limbal ring


Colored lenses with a strong limbal ring give a bolder and more dramatic look.


Our contact lens collection with a slight ring around is the Solotica Solflex Natural Colors Collection, a monthly colored contact lens range.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle eye color change or a complete color overhaul, the limbal ring will play a huge role in this. Within our collections, you’ll see a varying degree of limbal rings to suit all preferences and to help you achieve your dream look.