Desperate to try some new color contact lenses and switch up your look? Well have no fear, with Solotica you can get your new color contact lenses exceptionally quickly with our super fast express delivery. All color contact lenses are dispatched same day, meaning no matter where you are in the world, you can expect to receive your new lenses in a couple of days!

Safe and Affordable Colored Contacts

So, let's find out how fast can we deliver your colored contact lenses!

Color Contact Lenses Dubai

If you’re lucky enough to be based in our home, you can benefit from same day delivery or you can pop into our office in the Gold & Diamond Park to get your new lenses.

Color Contact Lenses USA

Our color contact lenses to the USA are dispatched same day meaning they can get to you in 2-3 business days so if you have an exciting event coming up, you can expect to receive your new lenses quickly and safely.

Color Contact Lenses UK

Our color contact lenses can be shipped to the UK in 2-3 business days with our express delivery.

Color Contact Lenses Canada

If you’re looking for color contact lenses in Canada then we can get your lenses to you in about 2-3 business days with our super-fast delivery and same day dispatch.

Color Contact Lenses Australia

Even if Australia is thousand kilometers away from our home, we can deliver your Solotica color contact lenses within 3-4 days as we offer same day dispatch on all orders!

Color Contact Lenses - Rest of the World

We ship our lenses across each corner of the world. To find out our estimated shipping times for your destination visit out shipping page and enter your location.

We only partner with the top leading couriers on the market such as FedEx and DHL to ensure that your colored contact lens package is handled with proper care and will reach you at the earliest possible time. In addition, we do not use a postal service as it will take weeks or even months for the package to be delivered which could lead to the risk of damaging the product from wrong handling and temperature control.

So what are you waiting for? Order your color contact lenses today!