As Spring transitions into Summer, the warmer days and brighter evenings call for new trends (with a few old favorites carried through from last season). We’ve outlined our top Summer makeup trends and the colored contact lenses that you can pair with these to unveil your best self.

Summer Makeup Guide 2022

Without further ado, let's list the 2022 Summer Makeup Trends That You Must Try::

Your Summer Makeup Trends Guide For 2022

Trend #1 – Natural Flush

This makeup look is a variation of Spring’s soft skin trend. The Summer heat can make makeup feel heavy on the skin, so opt for minimal coverage with a light foundation and subtle blush. A natural finish leads to a natural eye color and the natural-colored contact lenses are perfect for this! Our favorites are Aquarella Noronha Blue and Hidrocor Avela.

Summer Makeup Trend 1 - Flush Makeup

Trend #2 – Bright Eyeshadow

Summer is all about color, the blooming flowers, and the blue skies, so why hesitate when it comes to makeup. Eyeshadow is the best way to add color to any look and for this, we suggest using two bold colors as shown by Kylie Jenner. Use one color across the lid of the eye and then another for the eyeliner. To contrast the vibrant display, we love a lighter color lens. Check out Aquarella One-Day Sea Green or Aquarella Samba Green from the quarterly range.

Summer Makeup Trend 1 - Bright Eyeshadow

Trend #3 – Negative Space Eyeliner

Eyes are a creative way to express yourself and graphic designs are all the rage right now. Negative space eyeliner allows you to edit your mistakes as it may take practice to achieve the look, so don’t worry about getting it right first go. For a tip, use a liquid eyeliner like the Made by Mitchell Graph-Ink Liner, as it glides on easier and is best for precision. To accompany the dramatic liner, try one of our striking-colored contacts from the Solotica Natural Colors like Ice in the yearly collection that features a soft limbal ring to bring this look to life!

Summer Makeup Trend 3 - Negative Space Eyeliner

Trend #4 – Classic Red Lip

As seen in the 2022 Met Gala, a red lip is another trend that has migrated from Spring. If a dark red feels too heavy for Summer, you can swap to a lighter tone towards a rosy or coral hue. A bold lip needs to be accompanied by a rich eye color and our Aquarella Dandara Hazel is the perfect choice, with a deep hazel contact lens to compliment the red.

Summer Makeup Trend 4 - Classic Red Lips

Trend #5 – Gold Glam

As summer nights draw near, so do the summer parties and there’s nothing better than a glamorous gold eyeshadow to go with your sparkling party dress. Our top choice is MAC’s Dazzleshadow in yellow, an eyeshadow that is sure to catch people’s eye (no pun intended). Gold with hazel eyes is the best combination as it harmonizes with the colors, and our suggestion is to try our Aquarella One-Day Sienna Brown. Green, Brown, Hazel and Gold is always a winner!

Summer Makeup Trend 5 - Gold Glam

Whichever makeup trend you choose, there is always a colored contact lens that fits our incredible line-up. Browse our full color choices in all six collections with Solotica to celebrate the emergence of Summer.

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