Solotica Hidrocor Monthly Colored Contacts

Hidrocor Monthly

Taking inspiration from the natural beauty of the bestselling Hidrocor collection, Hidrocor Monthly boasts 5 stunning shades in a convenient monthly disposable lens. These colors offer incredible pigmentation and opacity and come without a limbal ring for a soft and unbelievably natural finish.
Set Descending Direction

Solotica Hidrocor Monthly are colored contact lenses suitable for daily wear for up to one month. They are available with or without prescription.

Solotica Hidrocor Monthly can last for up to one month. All lenses should be cared for and stored correctly after use to ensure they last their full replacement cycle. You should not sleep in Hidrocor Monthly lenses.

The difference between these collections is the replacement cycle and colors available. Hidrocor Monthly is a monthly disposable lens sold in a pack of 2 lenses whereas Solotica Hidrocor is a yearly lens sold by single lens. Hidrocor Monthly offer 5 beautiful colors which take inspiration from some of the 12 shades in the popular Hidrocor collection.

Solotica Hidrocor Monthly lenses are made from Polymacon with a water content of 38%. These lenses all have a base curve of 8.7 and a diameter of 14.2mm and are available in prescription from 0.00 to -5.00.

The Hidrocor Monthly colors are inspired by 5 of the best-selling colors from the yearly Hidrocor collection. Hidrocor Monthly Quartzo is one of the most popular colors from this collection, closely followed by Hidrocor Monthly Ambar.