Hidroblue UV Ceratogel

Soft contact lenses, with UV filter and high degree of hydration, especially developed to meet the needs of users with central keratoconus, particularly those with intolerance to Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses.


Material Hioxifilcon B with Glycerol
Water Content 49%
Power -25,00 to +6,00 D
Thickness 0,30mm
Diameter 13.5 mm
Base curve 7,9 – 44,00 to 48,00 K
7,6 – 48,00 to 52,00 K
7,3 – > 52,00 K
Module 0.5MPa
Use Flexible

* The use of the trial set is essential.
* For stability in the fitting, the lens should have little mobility.